Funny T Shirts for Men

Funny T Shirts for Men

Welcome to Baffle Tees, we make handcrafted tshirts for men and women right here in the good ol’ US of A. Weird, nerdy, drinking, holidays, lifting, movie quotes, sports and just plain random are all in our wheelhouse. There are plenty of places to pick up funny t shirts for men, but we’ve heard they all put ketchup on their steak. People are saying.

We’ve got plenty of men’s basic shirts that are super comfy and perfect for chillin. These tees for guys make perfect birthday gifts for your weird cousin or those days when the wifey is out with her friends. Grab yours today, new styles coming in almost daily.

Super Soft T Shirts for Men

You could go with a lame 3 pack of Hanes from Target to get your fix, but why not get something with some torque? All of our super soft t shirts for men are hand printed one at a time, using only top of the line, comfortable garments. Wearable all day.

We wanted to use rabbit fur to make all of our tshirts for guys, but the government wouldn’t allow it. So, we settled on We’re counting the days until the rabbit fur ban is over and we’ll provide the ultimate super soft t shirts for men.

Graphic Tees for Men

Baffle Tees is your answer for graphic tees for men for any occasion. Perfect gifts to your or for for a friend. Our selection of men’s graphic tshirts is always growing and we ain’t afraid drop some discounts to our loyal customers.

Are you tired of all the lame, recycled graphic tee designs out there? Fear not, we’re bringing the fresh new ammo with every item we put into production. To be clear, these are NOT factory pressed assembly line throwaways. Our printing process ensures stretchy graphics that will continue to look great after 1 or 30 washes.

If you have ideas on the next amazing graphic tee for men, send it over and if it goes to production you’re getting it FREE.

Where to Buy Graphic Tees?

Right here! You’ve already done the hard part of finding where to buy graphic tees. We know you had plenty of options, but consider choosing Baffle. We’re a locally-owned small business in the midwest and truly appreciate every purchase on this site.

We often ask the world, why soooo serious (joker voice)? That’s why we create these graphic tees for guys - to have some fun and break out of the day to day. Join us.

Better than Busted Tees

We’ll give 7 good reasons why we’re better than Busted Tees.

  • Busted Tees opens their bags of chips with scissors
  • Busted Tees the type of guy that try to make eye contact with you through the bathroom stall
  • Busted Tees hands out apples on halloween.
  • Busted Tees turns down the volume on their tv when their cats go to sleep
  • Busted Tees doesn’t like going out of town too long because they miss their plants
  • Busted Tees looks at themselves in the mirror when they put chapstick on
  • Busted Tees the type of dudes that bring salad to a BBQ

Cool Graphic T Shirts for Men

We think they’re cool, you be the judge. If you’re looking for cool graphic t shirts for men that you haven’t seen someone named Ferguson wearing at the’ve come to the right place. These are all original!

Grab your own graphic t shirt or send it to a homie. Our t shirts for men are affordable enough that you can do both without a sweat.

Weird T Shirts for Guys

You’ve made it this far, you should be commended for your commitment to Internet tomfoolery. We’ve got plenty of weird t shirts for guys, in fact, we’d argue that they are all pretty damn weird. It takes a ‘special’ person to get our signature sense of humor. We’re always taking requests for new weird men’s tshirts and would love to hear your ideas too. It takes a village and we don’t have a monopoly on crazy.

Popular T Shirt Designs from Baffle Tees

We’re more than happy to have you take home one of our popular t shirt designs from Baffle Tees OR you could be a real wildcard and pick up two. Either way, you’ll be more than satisfied with the look and feel of our shirts.