Funny Running Shirts

Funny Running Shirts

Fun Fitness Shirts Just for You

Baffle specializes in fun fitness shirts for the folks who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Let’s face it, we all are not going to stop eating delicious cheese dip any time soon, so we better get our rear in gear on the track. Why not make it a tad more fun with some funny fitness shirts? Our fun fitness shirts are 100% original and you don’t anything like them on the planet! Our designs are quirky, fun and sure to bring you a smile next time you’re gearing up for a Monday run!


Amaze-balls Funny Workout Tanks for Women

Our collection of funny workout tanks for women is growing everyday, just like your guns!

Just because you’re sweating for the wedding or getting ready for beach season doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cute. Every one of our tanks comes in five awesome colors to suit your style. They are preshrunk and super comfy. We carry all sizes from small to 2x so it’s a great fit no matter your preference! These tanks look slightly sheer, but don’t worry you’ll be fully covered at gym from the creepers trying to sneak a peek!


Stellar Women's Workout Shirts with Sayings

Check out our wide collection of women’s workout shirts with sayings. We have something for everyone. These are really fun, comfy workout shirts for any occasion. If you’re going for a quick run or a long yoga sesh, you’re all set with one of our signature workout shirts.

With five amazing colors in each style (Banana Cream, Neon Green, Shocking Pink, Tahiti Blue, White), you’ll find your favorite in no time. Every shirt is hand printed in the USA and made to order. We’re a small, local business who loves to deliver superior service!

The Cutest Workout Saying Tank Tops

You’ll love the fit of our workout saying tank tops. Each tank top has the racerback style which looks great and will keep you from getting too warm. You’ll never want to do a back workout with anything but one of our workout saying tank tops again!

All of our workout sayings are 100% original - from the mind of our (a bit) ridiculous tank top team. If you are into CrossFit, then this shirt is for you! Perfect those tough workouts and will let you show your personality at the gym too!


Handmade Fun Running Tanks

Who doesn’t love fun running tanks? No one cool anyway…

Our funny running tanks are breathable, light and uber comfortable. This is THE perfect top for your workouts in any season. The tanks are already pre-shrunk so what you see is what you’ll get and there will be no shrinking after washes. These tops are all racerback style, which look great and keep you cool!


Get Your Awesome Running Shirts

We may be biased, but these are pretty freakin awesome running shirts!

They’re lightweight and perfect for the actual runs. Racerback style gives you great coverage and won’t get in your way during running. Can we talk about the material for just a second? Super soft and breathable, great for the hot summer workout months. Are you training for a half marathon? You definitely need to get some shirts with funny sayings in to your collection!


Cheeky Running Humor Shirts

Dedicated runners are a special breed and that’s who we made our running humor shirts for.

Whether you’re running for a wedding, pool season or just to keep it tight - we got you covered. Who ever said that you couldn’t have some fun while doing it? Impress the girls with your new top from Baffle.


One-of-a-kind Running Tee Shirts Sayings

We’re always adding to our collection of running tee shirts with sayings and we’re positive you’ll find something you love!

These shirts will make you laugh and help you make it through the tough hills. In pictures, our shirts may look a little bit sheer, but don’t worry it is full-coverage and multi-tonal. The print on every shirt is high-quality and doesn’t look like it was ironed on. We professionally hand press every shirt.