Funny Animal Shirts

Funny Animal Shirts

Funny Animal T Shirts

Calling all animal lovers, we have your funny animal t shirts.

Our collection of funny animal t shirts is one-of-a-kind. All designs are 100% original and made to order. We’re wacky pet owners just like you and are ecstatic to deliver these shirts to you! Every shirt is super comfy tri-blend fabric and pre-shrunk.


Funny Cat Shirts

If you’re THE crazy cat lady, then you need some funny cat shirts in your wardrobe. Thankfully, we’ve got em.

Every shirt is handmade in the USA and shipped fast.


Custom Funny Animal Tee Shirts

Our funny animal tee shirts make the perfect gift for pet lovers.

We guarantee you know exactly the person these shirts would be good for. All are priced to never break the bank, splurge a little and buy two.


Handmade Funny Dog Shirts

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you dog folks!

We’ve come correct with a great selection of funny dog shirts too! We have bumper stickers for honor students, but not shirts to support our pups? What’s the deal with that?

Show your pooch some love with an original shirt from Baffle Tees. If you don’t like the shirt for any reason, send it back and we’ll trade it out for a better one!


Funny Graphic Animal Shirts

We have an excellent collection of funny graphic animal shirts. Not that type of graphic animal shirts you dirty devil :)

We have funny sayings, puns and even hand-drawn designs from our awesome team! You’ll love the shirts and graphic print. We use high-quality and smooth vinyl graphics for our humorous animal shirts.


Cute and Funny Animal Shirts

Who doesn’t love cute and funny animal shirts?!

We’ve got loads of cute shirts for pet and animal lovers of all stripes and spots. Relax with your animal kingdom in these super comfy shirts from Baffle. Already pre-shrunk and super snuggalicious, those pups and kitties will want to dive in!


Ladies Animal T Shirts

Super cute ladies animal t shirts from Baffle.

Do you have a spirit animal inside of you? Wear it on your sleeve with one of our animal tee shirts. All my single ladies, put your hands up, for these sweet animal t shirts.